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Spend Your Holiday on One of the Stunning Beaches

If you are thinking about a summer holiday in Portugal, you actually do not have to think twice as the country has plenty to offer in terms of its history and culture, plus a wonderful climate to match. One remarkable thing that first-time travelers to Portugal discover is how friendly and welcoming the Portuguese community is, intermingled with the lavish landscape as well year round sunshine, which makes the country the perfect holiday destination year after year.

The country is one of the 20 most visited places worldwide which only serves as evidence that Portugal has countless things to offer and never stops to improve itself every year in terms of tourism facilities and events all around its borders. There are plenty of famous districts that are best for tourists from across the world who would like to experience the best summer holiday ever. During the summertime of each year, the region witnesses an influx of holiday makers which increases its population size to three times as much, and this only proves how impressive it is.

Portugal has plenty of beautiful beaches with the most incomparable ones found in Comporta. Sheer turquise waters quietly wash against the white sands that extend to a clear mile after another. Umbrella pines reach high into the cloudless sky and vibrant green rice paddies dotting the landscape. Here, the understated very rich come for a break, stopping at a famous restaurant to have a meal of freshly broiled fish garnished with olive oil, and to ride through the fields of rice over the dunes until arriving at the beach as the sun is about to set.
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Comporta, as the name suggests, refers to a gate or a lock that controls water. This makes perfect sense if you observe the multitude of canals there are. This is a land of rice-paddies. Grand, stripey rice fields, the biggest in the country, stretch all through downward into the coastline, shielded from the demanding Atlantic winds via the sand dunes. Unlike most parts of the country, which can be very dusty and dried up under the summer heat, this area remains vivacious.
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Where else would you be able to take a break from the hassles and stress of your daily routine than in one of the magnificent beaches of the world? With certification from FEE for being blue flag beaches, Portugal beaches are ideal destinations for families. Portugal has approximately 800 kilometers of shoreline that are safe and environmentally friendly for all, making it an outstanding way to spend your holidays at anytime.

So, why don’t you plan your next holiday in one of the beaches and best beach hotels in this amazing country and experience a Portugal holiday that you will treasure throughout your lifetime.