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Tips When It Comes to Choosing the Bridge Camera for Your Requirements If you are interested about getting a camera that comes with superzoom features just like the DSLRs and a manual shooting option like the point-and-shoot ones, you may go for a bridge camera. This is a great option that you can surely go for. The bridge cameras are going to fill the gap between the single-lens reflex and also the point-and-shoot cameras. Such cameras are similar to the DSLRs in appearance but when you would take such closer look at the lens, then you can see the difference. The bridge camera doesn’t come with a removal lens but the DSLR does. Also, the viewfinder can be electronic with the bridge camera and not like the DSLR which is an optical one. These cameras are certainly equipped to provide you with super zooming options and also wide-angle lens shots but have manual setting features. Depending on the weight and also the maximum zoom and the angle of the lens, the bridge cameras are categorized into two and they are the high-end compact and also the superzoom bridge camera. You should choose your needs based on the right one. You have to know that the superzoom cameras are quite great for clicking landscape as well as for the close-up shots. Zoom ranges are going to exceed even 50x range and the built-in lenses come with broad focal range. High resolutions that such cameras offer can challenge any type of DSLR in the market. A typical resolution of these cameras range from 10 to 18 MP and this would allow you to take prints of clicked photos that are A3 and above.
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You can find the high-end bridge camera. Such kind of camera is quite compact in size and this can easily fit into the pocket. The wide angle capabilities that these cameras have are sufficient for macro photography. The sensor sizes are much bigger unlike the superzoom ones and this would guarantee fantastic quality for the images. Such cameras come with the optical viewfinder in order for you to know where the lens is actually pointing. Thus, you don’t have to rely on the LCD screens.
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You can have an external flash unit and electronic viewfinder to the hot shoe that is present in so many bridge cameras. Some of the cameras that you can find have the bayonet fitting for the lens and also this can be used to fit the accessories such as the filters and the close-up lenses. You will also be able to find a remote shutter release in some models. Because of the compactness of your point-and-shoot camera, then it is very hard for you to keep the camera steady while you shoot the pictures. Hence, the bridge cameras have that optical or sensor-shift stabilization techniques to minimize blurring.