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Things to Know About 3D Printing In this modernized age, one technology has probably shocked almost anyone when they saw that it can produce 3D digital models and turn them into solid and physical three dimensional versions of that digital model, and that technology is called 3D printing. A 3D printer which is also known as additive manufacturing is capable of producing digital 3D models and turn them into physical objects with the use of its advance building technology. The technology which is 3D printing was first invented in the late 1980’s and it basically evolved into a much stronger and amazing technology that can exponentially achieve greater heights by producing certain products in a certain amount of time. Even though most of the 3D printer that is currently available in the market may indeed take long amounts of time to finish a single prototype or object to finish, the future of 3D printing is still really bright with amazing possibilities and potential to grow much stronger. In this present day, a 3D printer is capable on printing out different types of products by using various types of materials, like for example a thermoplastic, pure metals, metal alloys, ceramics, etc. 3D printing can seriously reshape the business world with its amazing features and functionality. 3D printing may sound relatively complicated to begin with, but to make it much more easier for most to understand, the 3D printer would basically need a digitally designed model or a computer aided design by using any types of 3D modeling application or software. A 3D printer can also use a 3D scanner device to copy a physical object to make a 3D digital design file of the object as well, you just need to make sure that the object or model you are using has to be 3D printable.
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The process of turning a 3D model into a 3D printed product is what is generally called as slicing, which is basically the process to divide a 3D model into multiple horizontal layers and it can only be done with the use of a software. The slicing process can only use horizontal layers since not all types of 3D printers is able to print out 3D model vertically, but it would print out the 3D model layer by layer. The 3D printer will have to need to read every single slice of the 3D digital model in order for it to produce and complete the three dimensional physical model. 3d printers comes with all shapes and sizes as well, since it is currently capable on creating a tiny simple three dimensional object as well as print out a huge 3D printed building model.Finding Parallels Between Options and Life