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The Game of Golf For quite some time now, there have been strong arguments if the game of golf should be considered as a sport. Many people consider this as a hobby that is usually played by the rich people who have the extra cash to throw away. When golf was introduced, rich people were the ones playing this game but all that has changed with the improvement the game has undergone over time. Golf has had many reasons as to why it is a sport, reasons that are good when it comes to the arguments. Challenging. For an activity to be considered as a sport it should be intense and challenging. The reason people do train to reduce the intensity the game has to offer and golf just like any other sport; it has its intensity too. The the mentality of picking up the golf stick and running the ball as people consider it to be easy is usually mistaken. To prove how difficult playing golf can be, there are competition which have been introduced and for one to emerge as a winner they will have to be good in the game.
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Physical fitness Most game players are usually physically fit. Just as any other sports golf requires full physical exertion. Hitting the golf ball requires some agility and stamina that can only be achieved through proper body fitness.
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Skill People have the mentality that they can just step into the golf grounds and hit the ball as they do in the TVs. It’s not that easy as it looks. It requires a unique skill and great amount of coordination that is added to the skill to perfect it. In events where golf competitions are held, the competition is enough evidence to prove that this can be a challenging activity and there are some people who are good in it more than the others. Payment Being a golf player is currently being considered as a top profession. When You look at some of the top richest people in the world. Currently, you will realize that a few or even a significant number of them are golf players. The riches have been made possible through various sponsors in the sport and diverse world tours by the players. popular Unlike the old times, golf was not that popular as it is today. A vast improvement in this game has made this game to be successful in capturing more players to it. competition held also been a significant impact on the spread of this game’s popularity as people from different places of the world come together to compete for a common goal. With this, it is safe to say that is can be categorized as a sport.