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Some Useful Tips for Those Who Want to Get a MIDI Keyboard There are numerous factors one must take into account before he or she is able to purchase a MIDI keyboard for himself or herself. For any music lover who thinks that making use of technology is equally important as making use of any musical instrument to create music, then it is a must that they purchase a MIDI keyboard. There is a wide selection of MIDI keyboards one can purchase in the market. Depending on the budget that you currently have, you can get one that is used or new with various quality and results. Below are some important tips you must take into account when you buy a MIDI keyboard.
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First, you have to consider the size of the keyboard.
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Besides the technical factors that encompass a MIDI keyboard, it is of utmost importance to also consider its size or the number of keys that comprise such an instrument. These instruments could be composed of 25, 37, 49, 61, 76, and 88 keys in total. Even though the bigger keyboards are more expensive in price, there are still those who choose to buy them. On the other hand, there are also those who prefer getting a small one such as the 25 because they are more compact and portable. There are also those who prefer 49-MIDI keyboards because not only do they have multiple uses but also they are worthy of your hard-earned money. Before you get a keyboard with your preferred size, you have to make sure that you have the necessary space and you know how to make use of it. When you use a MIDI keyboard when doing performances live on stage, then you do not have to think hard about the space because it is the most ideal to be utilized for such purpose, and the 88 type is the most preferred, On the other hand, when you prefer doing your work at your own home, then space could be an issue; hence, it is more practical if you get to purchase one that is much smaller. What is the ideal weight of the MIDI keyboard you must purchase? The weight being referred to here is not the weight of the entire keyboard but rather the weight of its keys. Keyboards have keys that are available as unweighted, semi-weighted, full weighted, and touch-sensitive depending on what you prefer. Keyboards with touch-sensitive keys make a sound depending on the pressure that you apply for each key. If you press a key in a much harder way, then you are sure to get a sound that is louder. No resistance is made or only little resistance is made when you get a keyboard with unweighted keys. This type of keyboard key does not provide one with a feeling of springiness, the kind usually obtained from playing a real piano. For those who are still beginners at playing MIDI keyboards and those that play fast, this is the type of keyboard and keys that is more recommended for you. The semi-weighted type of keyboard has features between those of full-weighted keys and those of unweighted keys. It enables the player to play things on a light manner while still providing resistance. If you are one of those who are already used to playing the real piano, then the keyboard with weighted keys is the one for you.