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Advantages of Using 3D Printing Here are some of the top benefits of using 3D printing. With 3D printing, people are able to develop ideas in a faster way. When you have an idea in mind, you can simply print it out in a 3D printer to see how it exactly looks like. Any business will see how big advantage they can have using a 3D printer because it only takes a day what, in traditional developmental processes, would take months to do. Using a 3D printer will give your business an edge over others in the same field. It is expensive to secure tools for prototyping molds and running a production. With 3D printing, businesses can save money on producing parts and tools because they are a lot cheaper than doing it with the traditional methods.
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With 3D printed plastic, you are able to check on the actual design before investing in expensive tools for molding. With an actual model before their eyes, business are more sure about the expensive investments in molding tools that they are about to make. It is way lot cheaper to have a prototype 3D printed than investing on a prototype made in a traditional way only to find some glitches and then redesign or altering it.
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Sometimes when you only use words to describe a product that you want to deliver, your communication can be misinterpreted because people have to use their imagination in conceptualizing it. There will be clearer communication if a tangible product is held in hand rather than a thousand words describing it. There is no more confusion or doubt when people can actually see a model of what you are describing. A prototype can actually help you test the market by displaying it at trade shows and getting people’s comments and feedback and you can also use crowd funding sites to see how much support your product gets. Because you can hold and feel a 3D printed item in your hands, it gives greater advantage over photos or virtual images or models. And the 3D models can help you ensure that the fit of the product is right because you can actually hold it, test it and use it. If you use the traditional mass production assembly line, you can get product parts of exactly the same shape and size but with 3D printing, you can customize parts in order to fit needs. 3D printing is ideal for both the medical and dental fields, and the field of fashion, because they can customize devices for their patient’s needs and they can make unique fashion accessories, respectively. There is an unlimited way of making things with a 3D printer, and what you can imagine, you can make. Using a 3D printer will allow you to make your ideas into things that you can actually hold in a very fast way.