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Enhance Mobile Security through Mobile Authentication In various details, there is no difference between mobile devices and remote computers when it comes to the requirement of a strong authentication. This can help out to tightly authenticate users to enterprise networks, which consist of Wi-Fi and VPNs. Certificate-based mobile authentication using a PKI platform can help also to deliver an easy and cost efficient solution. It will enable businesses and organizations in order to balance the requests of their employees to access email and corporate data while they are on the go. They will have to protect as well unauthorized access to various key business applications to avoid data breaches and other related issues. Public key infrastructure or PKI is one of the many ways in order to enhance mobile security. It is a known and trusted technology that many organizations have been using several decades ago. It helps them to verify users, machines, and servers within their organizations. After PKI was expanded to mobile devices, it created a management solution that is easy to implement and is cost effective also for many devices. When it comes to mobile devices, there are many uses for digital certifications, such as email encryption and signing, email authentication, and VPN and Wi-Fi authentication. Email encryption and signing allows the users to encrypt and digital sign email communications sent thru devices. Therefore, it warrants privacy of sensitive information and proof or authorship or the origin of the message.
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Email authentication enables users to read the email 24/7 without leaving emails accounts to intruders. Authorized devices will merely be able to access your corporate email servers, which is one way to secure all vital information from getting into the wrong hands. VPN and Wi-Fi authentication replaced weak and vulnerable username and passwords using multi-factor authentication for corporate Wi-Fi and VPN connections. Approved devices can only access all the enterprise connections to avoid crooks from getting their hands into your valuable information.
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There are various benefits if you utilize mobile certificates for mobile authentication. It will only enable the verified users to access corporate resources. Your setup will no longer require extensive IT support while it is also non-intrusive and easy for the end user. It is fast and cost-effective to implement as well. These certificates are easily managed in a platform where they are issued, renewed and revoked from one portal while integration is available in popular platforms today. Mobile authentication will provide an ideal mobile security method for organizations and their mobile devices so they can securely access valuable yet very risky networks. Users can be authenticated, which is a fundamental requirement to allow secure usage of mobile devices within the network. It will not only secure mobile identities and transactions, but it will also empower the users to improve overall security and streamline the business process among organizations.